Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Herrrrre, muscle memory, come over here...there ya go. good boy!

Hey Guys!

What a difference a week makes. I am feeling much better. I really underestimated the effects of not running for 13 days. Cardio wise I felt fine. But as I always say, nothing compares to the run. I can cross train my ass off 3 hours a day. But that first week back is tough. It really makes me appreciate my fitness.

So after a few devastating runs in the heat and humidity that left me on the side of the greenway doing air pukes I decided to "fuck that" and go on the treadmill. I completely lost my ability to push through in the heat and humidity. And because cooler weather is coming I don't really care to get it back. So I'm treadmilling it until this cold front come through.

I've done a few 8 milers and an 11 today. The pace is dropping nicely. Today I ran what normally would be a fail, yet given the "situation" I'm very pleased. 11 miles. The first hour at 7:30 pace and then the last 3 miles at 6:53 pace. I've never gone that fast on a treadmill. So it was a milestone for sure!

I'm still being very cautious but feel strong and really happy with my progress.

Here are some pictures of the pool.

My running partner and my mom. 

all day every day!

Mum was not pleased with her slouch so we had to redo this one.

There we go, no slouch!
So cross training can be fun! I'll keep plugging away and keep you posted! Happy Running!



  1. some-one got carried away with the camera!!!

  2. Hey Laura great blog and thanks for the link, cya at the gym soon!