Sunday, July 7, 2013

the inevitable LOSER EFFECT!

Hey there Summa Runnahs'

 I'm now into my second week of marathon training for Chicago and I have noticed my tempo paces are SLOWER than I would like yet feel like I'm working. Hmmmmm. As a mile split junkie this is rather disturbing! And because I've never marathon trained in the summer or really ever put effort in the summer it leaves me feeling like a LOSER.

Instead of my peppy 6:10 tempo pace in 35 degrees and no humidity I am rolling out 6:20-6:30's GASP! But it's 100% humidity everyday here in NC. The temps when I run start in the mid 70's and are low 80's when I finish.

So does the same effort produce results? I hate to think I'm wasting my time with lack luster speed. I read that our body does not know pace but that it knows effort. I'm not sure on that.

What do you guys think???

This photo was after my 18 miler today. 2 easy miles, 3 tempo (6:20's) one hour easy, 3 tempo (6:30's) and 2 cool down. Avg pace 7:18.

I'm actually considering the treadmill for faster stuff...ugh. No, I take that back!

I hope your running is going well!



  1. yes, when the weather cools down again this Fall you will be amazed at how easy these paces will feel. We suffer thru this crap in the summer so that when the good weather comes we are in shape to enjoy it !

  2. Don't worry you aren't the only one who tacks strain in the heat, I have been know to 'kill' a couple of my athletes on a hot summers day... but some how they alway come back for more!!!

    So good luck to you as you battle the heat, think of us who are battleing the cold!

  3. "I'm actually considering the treadmill for faster stuff...ugh. No, I take that back!"

    That's the heat talking......and dehydration. :)

  4. What do I think? I think you're times are blistering fast compared to what I'm running right now. And I'm being chased by a family of bobcats even.

  5. I think that you and loser should never be mentioned in the same sentence. We have hot and humid now too and I always feel like I'm going nowhere.

    Keep up the great work!

  6. Hey Laura!

    How's your summer going? 7 weeks until my half (first one - nervous excited scared).

    Stay cool and be well!