Friday, February 6, 2015

A short rambling touching on my friend: High Mileage

Marathon Training by Sophie, age 10. The kid is smart! We are building our castle so to speak.

TGIF My Dears!! 

I guess this whole "exercise and have more energy" thing works. Because 8x out of 10 I'm locked and loaded! The other 2 I'm dead as a doornail, semi conscious, and drooling on myself. But hey, that's the fun part too!

So, for my Boston-ites we are 74 days out. The work is real. The dedication is hot! We are now in too deep to look back. Forget sleeping in on Sunday. Forget no carbs at night. Eat like a maniac! Rest after you rip your legs off. We are part of an army of badasses that will unleash on Hopkinton Mid-April. We worked our asses off to get there. We worked again to prepare. Now, we will let all hell break loose! 

I love that I have my Strava widget on the side so you can see what I'm up to. The last 5 weeks for me have been: 95, 95, 100, 109, 110.  I seriously never want this to end. Running twice a day, sometimes for hours at a time changes you. 

It's like Prozac for your temperament! 

*Road rage assholes, don't care. 
*Out of sandwich bags, big deal, use tupperware
*There is dog crap in the kitchen. Meh, I'll get to it.
*Oh, my favorite: My home alarm system went off yesterday. Normally, I'd freak. But on a 110 mile week I just got in the car and left. Screw it, just don't steal my Garmin.


So the fire is building. The benefits are being had. All is good at Camp LaBella. 

I hate to sound like a broken record but I have to say THANK YOU to you guys. I don't exist in a bubble. I have made so many awesome friends in the progress. Heidi and Laura, you guys fire my ass up every day! Freaking Joey...freaking Joey. This guy is an inferno that I am happy to be able to run with weekly and enjoy his seemingly endless talent. Both, physically and mentally. You all rock! We roll hard in the most badass of sports. I respect you all. 

I'm going to do a post on supplements and nutrition this weekend. I've REALLY tightened my game and have a few good finds. 

Until then, happy running!!

Got gel?


  1. With Saturday's 20mile mountain race out the way it's time for me to taper for next week's marathon. ..
    And leave you in the land of the big miles...

  2. Outstanding! That's some serious volume. Rock on girl.

  3. That's some significant mileage. I have been right around there and am due for a cutback week here in a bit. Been having some small issues with my right glute but overall everything else feels pretty good. Stay healthy Laura

  4. Wow! Those are some serious weeks of mileage. Nicely done! Looking forward to reading your nutrition/supplements post. I'm not big on supplements but I do love hearing about/reading about nutrition. Especially for higher mileage gals like yourself!