Wednesday, January 21, 2015

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Hey Guys!!

Boom, Boom, Pow! Here we are my little Boston-ites! 89 days left.

89 Days of:

*Mental fortitude
*And fire!

You get it, the good stuff! And on the 89th day we get to party! The struggle and defeat will be gone. We'll have 26.2 miles to celebrate everything we did that got us to the starting line. All the winter chaos, sub freezing temps, ice, darkness. All of that will be gone. We will be left with the machines we have built. The time we put in will be evident.

That run in the absolute freezing downpour will have prepped you for mile 24. You will beg for more pain because it's all you know. Your fresh body will annihilate any spec of discomfort along the way. You will throw the hammer down hoping for blood. Run to the clock my friends.

I was running 15 miles today on the Neuse Greenway in Raleigh, NC. I was struggling to keep my pace slower than I wanted. I was kinda pissy. Then I saw this other runner. A man in a yellow vest. I see him often. He yelled out, "I read your blog!" We crossed paths twice. A huge high 5 on the way back that most certainly made my run and day. There is something about the runner high 5 that can't be beat.

So alas, I'm at my keyboard doing an update : )

Training has picked up. I am almost happy with where I am. I'll never be totally satisfied. But hey, I'm an overachiever. I'm in the middle of a 100 mile week. The last 2 weeks were 96 and 95. If you guys remember from last year those were my peak weeks. But this year I'm throwing it all in. I plan on keeping this the average. I'm sure a slight cutback week will hit my schedule at some point. However, this is what makes me good. I thrive on the monotony, solitude and daily grind. My legs get it.

I'm in a good spot for January. If you guys are on Strava, follow me. I feel like I run too much to list everything here. I try to keep it pretty funny. In fact, I cry laughing thinking of titles for my runs.

Here are some random post run selfies:

So ONWARD folks! Keep your party rolling. Thanks for reading.

Happy Running!



  1. That's a monster roll... I hope you earned it... no wait I bet you earn it every day!

    I sometimes wish I had someone to pull off my socks, but with it 30*c here you wouldn't want to touch my socks...

    1. Coach Dion! I love that you're on Strava! Upload that stuff!

  2. Go get it! Your going to do amazing! (As always)

  3. Do you incorporate any Canova workouts into your weekly schedule? Thinking about doing 12 weeks of those type of quality workouts leading up to Boston

    1. Sean, yes my coach loves Canova. I have been doing a few decenfing runs this week. That's normally how I run anyway, but I'm trying to hold back longer and then take it to the well! You should put your stuff on Strava. I have all my workouts on there. 😊

  4. You're ready to rock, no doubt! Go crush it LaBella!