Monday, February 23, 2015

An epic day of a different type!

Hey Runners, Creepers and Loves!

I'm so stinking proud of myself that I had to share. I know you guys are hard asses like me so you'll understand.   Here's my Monday. Keep in mind THIS is NOT normal for me:

5am woke up
6am kids up
7am carpool
7:30 back in bed
10:00am still sleeping
10:15 came down for a massive calorie intake and back to bed
11:00 watched the Biggie and Tupac documentary on Amazon Prime
12:00 thought about running
1:00 ate more
2:00 got pedicure
3:00 kid stuff (on auto pilot)
5pm thought about running but ate froyo on the couch and laughed
7pm Was gonna run but said Fuck it!

This was seriously the coolest day ever. I NEVER do this. I've had time to think about it and this is how THAT happened.

This week was a cut back week. I did 100 miles. But I ran in yak tax, on treadmills, on ice, I stressed out WAY too much. I went bonkers on my long run and actually pulled the plug 16 miles in because I couldn't do the workout in the conditions. My body was beat. My legs ached. I thought I ripped my right ankle off. I was mentally spent.

I am a perfectionist when it comes to my training. I give 100% to every footstep. However this week I hopped laterally, jumped and slide for 100 miles. I started getting sloppy in traffic. I needed to take a day off. The whole day felt like indigestion. I'm blogging about running so I don't grab my garmin and bolt out of the house. Sigh.

But I know tomorrow I'll feel fresh and ready to roll. Hell, I may even have a normal BMI, haha.

I hope your training is going well. Here are some randoms from the week. Thanks for all your awesome comments! Rock on guys!

17 mile TM tempo with 4x 5k

How I really felt after 4x5k

Fun for a day. That's it!


  1. Hell yes - proof that you are freaking human, woman! I was starting to question. You need this rest crap as much as you do the hard ass days. The right call, 100%. It's hard enough to run your volume, but you throw in the quality AND THE WEATHER??? Nuts, girl! You are going to be so happy that you did this in the coming days! Smooch!


    1. Thanks!! You are leading the pack of badassery up there at the North Pole! We are getting more snow today thru Friday. Hello TM! I learned my lesson last week. I'm not doing that again!

  2. Was awake at 05h00, thought about getting up for a morning run... turned over and waiting for the 06h00 alarm, the body isn't really ready for double runs... might squeeze one in later in the week, but next week it's time to up my game!

    1. Coach Dion, throw that stuff on strava! Your running is too epic not too!

  3. Okay...gotta comment here.

    Have to love it that you live in NC and still have YacTrax.
    You are THE ONE!

  4. Super proud of you. Sometimes you just need a total and complete day of ridiculous rest. With the amount of miles you are running your body was probably so excited to get to spend the day recharging and refueling before you hit it up with the next crazy week of training. Smart call - it'll pay off. :) You gotta stay healthy because we are all looking forward to seeing you CRUSH at Boston. Fantastic week this week - you are on a roll. Keep it up!

  5. Rest days are tough! Glad you stuck with it, I'm totally sick of this mess!

  6. Laura how have the last couple of weeks gone for you ?