Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Don't be a Candy Ass!

Hey Guys!

I swear I'm not in a bad mood! I'm actually happy! But I'm seeing a trend in the running community that I feel I need to talk about. I'm gonna throw some more of you under the bus in the hopes that you'll give my way a shot. But in the end, do what works for you.

Topic: Winter Running

Common Complaint: It's cold

A common resolution: Run later, especially on the weekends, especially on the long run.

My resolution: Don't be a candy ass, fair weather, light weight, weak sauce, undisciplined runner showing no control. Get out there!

WHY I say this:

I know I sound like a bitch. But please understand that my point is to help you have a stronger mental edge. I understand we all have our own schedules and sometimes a run later on in the day is mentally tough. You rock! X out of this post and go run a double. Good job!

But I'm more concerned with those who *could* run at a difficult time but don't because:

*it is hard
*it is inconvenient
*it is not within their comfort zone.
*their body doesn't function in the cold like it used to. (see yesterday's post about being old)
*they don't *have to*

I think you are losing at least 50% of your mental edge by succumbing to the gas logs and fuzzy slippers. Some of you are thinking, "Oh Laura, screw you. Miles are miles." In agree with you. Miles are miles. But the level of mental strife you need to get up 5am and run in freezing temperatures, sometimes in the dark teaches you something you won't get by sleeping in.

I think as runners we can't ignore the obvious need for discipline and self control. But furthermore, we need to be uncomfortable and struggle some. We need to feel that can go outside of our comfort zone and still do work. The feeling of accomplishment is tenfold. I say this based on what you guys tell me.

I see evidence of this on my Facebook every morning. Ava, Dawn, John, Joey, Brad, Amy, Bridget, Kara, Michelle, Eric, Megan and David etc etc...All these people make it happen. Kids, multiple jobs, 20 doesn't matter. They want it. I see the joy in there posts. They accomplished something. Day in, day out, they work hard. They make it happen. This gives them confidence. They know that under the worst conditions they can do it.

So when race day comes around and it's a later gun time these type of people aren't sweating it. The race is a gift. A celebration. A statement of their hard work. Everyday they did what most people won't. They made a choice to accept the suck and belittle it.

In the marathon and with most distances we need to get comfortable at being uncomfortable. It's the nature of our sport. I think getting your ass up for a long run at the crack of dawn in sub freezing conditions is a really good way to feel uncomfortable! But the feeling after is extraordinary.

So I guess my point is to give it a shot. See how you feel with an earlier alarm. I can guarantee you won't say it sucked. This rant is mostly for running uncomfortable in the winter but also includes all you lunch break runners, night time-post kid bedtime get it. And I bet it shows in your attitude and performance during a race.

I say this all with love. Don't nitpick me and comment with extraordinary situations and say I'm being mean. lol. Take the general vibe and go get your suffering on!

Thanks for listening!
Laura XO


  1. I really like this post. Says the girl who waited to do her LR until 2 p.m. last weekend.... Food for thought.

    1. thank you! I've gotten myself all fired up today! 2pm, noon!!! : )

  2. I get that. Not being signed up for anything right now hurts the motivation factor. I'm chasing a mileage goal for the year and that's it. Time to sign up!

    1. I hear you. I have Boston in April but I don't think I can wait that long. Maybe a Late Jan marathon. I'm not sure yet. You may want to check out then Frosty 25 and 50k. That's in December. I've heard it flat and fast.

  3. you might be surprised that an old, fat lazy guy such as myself agrees with this! :) I still don't know if surgery is on the way or not, but I'm riding again - little baby miles until I know what the knee is going to do, but still, it's riding. Did a little 8 miler today with HILLS (first time hills in a long time), then went for a little swim and a hot tub session. Knee feels great, surprisingly, and we'll just see what we see. If the surgery happens, my legs will be in good shape for the recovery, right? Right. ;) I'll be back out there in the morning. :D

  4. and another little post so I get notifications... I always forget to click that dadgum button. :)