Tuesday, January 14, 2014

LaBella Pontificates on Running, of course.

Hey Everyone!!

I hope you guys are killing your marathon training! It's so exciting! I'm kinda sad January is almost gone. I like the nitty gritty of training. It's like reading a good book. When the left side is heavier than the right I know the fun is almost over. Well, if you're Boston training we still have time.

As I continue to train my ass off I learn stuff here and there. Here are some things:

Running really is mostly mental. Ya, ya, so Runner's World. Everyone says that. But it's so true. You have to say your goal to yourself a lot. Specifics.  If you have a tempo coming up. Say, "I am going to run X pace for X miles." Make it a fact. Then the day comes and you do what you told yourself you would do. Easy! The stress of "can I?" is gone. Just do it, for me and report back : )

Hairstyle is everything. I'm not kidding. I have long, thick hair. My hair brushes are disgusting. The longer or heavier it gets the more neck pain I get. I normally pony tail it on dry days and braid it if there is humidity. But that leads to whiplash! Seriously, every step that thick braid goes back and forth. ENTER the perfect hair for running:
pony tail -> braid->bun

No more whip lash, less energy spent controlling head bobble and more energy hitting the pavement. I had just run 20 miles here so no zooming please : )

rain never photographs well!
Keep your running schedule tight. I know the US is getting pummeled with crap, extreme weather. I don't care. With the exception of extremely unsafe weather, try to stay on schedule. But don't bust your ass on ice and say LaBella said. : )

 I hear some people say, "oh, I'll wait till this front passes, the rain clears, the snow melts…" You're doing yourself a disservice. You're getting soft mentally. Looking for the easy way out. When it comes time to race hard you will have that background of softness. 

For example, in the last 10 days I've run in negative degree weather to 65 degrees, humidity, ice, pouring rain. I could treadmill it. I could wait. I have those luxuries. But what the hell does that do for me? SOFT. Hardcore out the door, goodbye. I run through this because if I can do it, it will forever stick in my mind. Tomorrow I have a tempo and it's going to be dry and cold. Trust me, it will feel like I'm walking because of all the crap I ran through last week. Say I tread milled it or waited for better conditions last week. I can guarantee you I'd bitch that it was cold. Lower your bottom threshold!

Feed your machine. And do your core! Please!

That's all I have for now. Actually, let me list my last weeks schedule:

90 Miles.
Monday: 10 miles am and 4 pm 7:25 pace
Tuesday:10 on big hills 7:25 pace
Wednesday: 5x1 mile hill repeats. 6:30 pace. 12 total
Thursday: 12 am at 7:04 pace flat. 4 pm 8 pace
Friday: 10 miles of hills at 7:25 pace
Saturday: 8 miles at 7:09 pace

I hope you guys are doing well! Happy Running!

PS. My coach's name is Eric Laughlin. I've had some people ask. He can be contacted at elaughlin@westliberty.edu. He's a full time track/field coach and cross country. He is also a super fast marathoner. 


  1. Yes running is MENTAL, one of my boys, often says, it didn't feel like running, or he says I just want an easy run, BUT then COACH arrives and it's up to me to say, lets go, how does 20 x 400m sound? Mental battle won...

    Would you believe it, my hair was once half way down my back... short hair so much better!!!

    Being the Coach I have to be there, so it's easy to be hardcore.

    Food, I love to eat, and I do eat too much!!!

    PS your Ab's inspire me to work on mine, keep us inspired!!!

  2. I think I'm heading out to Umstead this weekend for a 20 miler. Not sure if I'll do saturday or sunday yet. Actually I live near the fairgrounds, so I can leave from my house, run the Reedy Creek trail from Meredith into Umstead, do a loop and come back at 20.5 miles. It's my favorite route in Raleigh.

    Solid week! And great musings. I need to get my plans more solid and mentally prepare more for each run. that's great advice.