Saturday, January 18, 2014

a quick photo update of my week.

Hi Guys!!

Do you guys ever feel like this during marathon training: Half the time you feel like you have a 24 endorphin drip set on high. Then, in the blink of an eye, dead as a door nail. Crap on your shoe, good for nothing. It's bizarre but definitely keeps you on your toes! Let me know if this happens to you!!!

I had an okay 5x5 min fartlek workout. Added some fire to get the mood right.

Then the next day, instead of feeling sore I ran even faster. With minimal effort. 10 miles at about 6:35 pace. I felt like my mind was along for the ride and my body just went.

This lead to a string of ridiculous selfies

no explanation.

Then I couldn't move for 12 hours. Exhausted.

But then Friday I did a 14 miler at 7:06 pace in the am and an easy 7:50 paced 4 miler at night. I figured that would seal the deal and 18 would leave me catatonic on the couch for the weekend. I went to bed dying to see how I would wake up.

Well I woke up today and did another sub 7 paced 10 miler. (6:57). I felt like Queen of the world. No fatigue. 

Tomorrow is my long run. I'm dying to see how that goes down. My legs are in a phase of turning over faster for easier runs. I need to work on getting the faster stuff sub 6 and then I'm golden. 

That's all….lol..have a great long run!!



  1. So I feel tired and sluggish, then I look at the time I've just run the loop in, and I've flown round the loop. Other days I feel great and up the pace of my run, but the time at the end is slow!!!

    I can remember doing an easy run on a Thursday and being light headed and not able to enjoy a single step, then on the Saturday I won the 30km race, ran like a champ...

  2. haha, nice. Recovery is the key! And that all comes from nutrition and rest. Good job!