Monday, January 6, 2014

All I do is eat and talk about eating!

Yes, I am! Get some miles yo.

WELCOME TO THE 90'S!! 90 mile weeks that is! I've been prancing around at 85 miles for too long. So I put on my big girl pants and did 90 last week.

I know we all have opinions on high mileage. That's cool but to support that it works for me I have the following indisputable data:

On 90 miles :

* I did 5x1 mile at 5:58-6:03. All five of them. On the same day. Same workout. Recoveries were 800 at 7:30 pace. ME! If you're like so what or why you flippen out LaBella?? This is why!

    For years I ran the Mag Mile in downtown Raleigh. The state championship mile. For years I tried my best and for years I ran 6 flat. Once getting it to 5:40. I was running 30 mile week back then. I was thrilled with my performance back then ('08-'11). So to do 5 miles at the same pace blows my mind!

*I ran 15 miles sub 7 (6:56) for my long run. That's a whatever…but still cool on 90 I think.

The day before I ran those 15 miles I ran these hilly 10:

So I am beyond stoked to roll into Boston training with my wheels rolling fairly well. Here's my last weeks schedule:

Monday: am 10 miles @ 6:57 pace. pm 4 miles at 8 pace. (too fast but it felt slow…)
Tuesday: 12 miles of hills @ 7:25
Wednesday: 3 mile warm up 5X1 mile (800 recovery) and 2 mile cool down. 12.5 total
Thursday: 12 miles flat @ 7:20 pace. pm. 4 miles at 8 pace
Friday: 10 miles of hills at 7:25 pace
Saturday: 10 miles on the megahill treadmill above
Sunday: 15 miles. 2 easy, 5x5 minutes at 6:20 pace and an hour easy. I did this one too fast though..
So what else does a 102 pound marathoner do in her spare time after all of that?! EAT!

In running alone last week I burned 6000 calories. I actually get ripped off because I weight less. But that's still a lot of eating to maintain muscle and body weight. Nothing has added sugar. Mostly all organic and super healthy. I could do without the white bread but that's my one "screw it" item. So let's enter the food photo part of my post! 
turkey with pineapple mango salsa

just b/c I love Mo!

turkey and left overs for a snack

pasta and grilled chicken

homemade bean salad

baking my granola

NSA granola

Boars head Chipotle chicken sandwich with a gorgonzola salad

Aside from running a lot and eating well I also have been doing abs again. I do 450 core exercises every morning at 6:30am. It's pretty peaceful. I do them by the fireplace before I go for my run. I feel like I should be ripped but I think the miles are keeping them uh, HIDING! I don't know but I really don't care about look as much as I look feeling powerful. 

kinda embarrassing but just so you see how my fitness is...
it was pouring and I just ran 10 miles. I look like Mary Poppins

I hope you guys are running well. Thanks for reading. Cheers to another good week of training! 


  1. Love a girl with a 6 pack
    Would love to run 90+mile a week (no time... or energy)
    2014 is looking good for you...

  2. Kind of embrassing? What are you talking about! Looks great, I wish I had abs like that, and I'm a dude!

  3. I've been stuck in 30 mile weeks for years and did the mag mile in 6:21 last year, right behind you. This year I've got a goal to get a 50 mile week in there, but your 90 schedule is ambitious. Gets a man thinking....

    I'm also concerned that 8 might be too fast of a recovery pace for you. Does it feel slow and conversational? 8 is my middle pace. I can run 30 miles a week all at an 8 m/m pace and barely sweat. I should do speedwork at or below 7 and the easy or recovery runs closer to 9 or 9:15, but I still end up doing everything at 8 or getting bored. ugh.

    1. Do it! Ramp it up and see what happens. Someone mentioned high mileage to me over a year ago. I thought that meant more fatigue, more sleep…no! You will become fine tuned and crank out some stuff you never knew were possible. Or maybe you won't. But you need to try!

  4. I can't criticize or offer advice about your high mileage workouts because you are SO MUCH faster than me now. All I can say is if I did 90 miles in one week my knees would crumble to dust and I'd need one of those 'hoverround' scooter things for awhile. Anyway, with the arctic temperatures we're having around here all I can do is run on a treadmill, and doing long distance workouts on that thing makes me want to rip out my brain.

  5. Oh hey, I wanted to ask you something. You track your miles and elevation and all that, but what do you use to do that? I was looking at one of those Garmin GPS watches that tracks all that plus heart rate, but I've never owned one before and I was wondering what you use and why you chose it if you don't mind my asking.

    1. Thanks. I've always used Garmin products. I currently have the 610. It's very handy at producing numbers through the garmin software. Great for analyzing! Very addicting!