Friday, February 1, 2013

A funny race story and my race pics!

So, it's early Sunday on race morning. For those of you who know my running style you know I like to chase anything. My running partner Dan will tell you I will chase deer, squirrel, dogs, cyclists and other runners without discrimination. It's fun. Nothing else. It makes me happy. I was saying, it's early Sunday and I see a the group of Ethiopians ahead of me. I know who they are from seeing them the night before. My gut says chase and blow out my first mile. On a side note. I respect all runners. Anyone who gets out for the love of the sport and tries their hardest gets a high five from me. These kids are no exception. They bust ass out there so clearly I needed to check that out. They were hauling ass effortlessly. Almost like one person.

There were other runners around so I didn't look stalkerish but I wanted to latch onto that group. I somehow tapped into that and ran behind them. Cranking out paces meanwhile appreciating their athleticism.

We are cruising and going to enter an area where we need to go single file. They are floating through the narrow space picking up speed. I feel invincible. Running on endorphins, feeling like I'm on a runners' field trip. Then out of no where the male in front of me stops seemingly midstride. A dead stop. I slam my entire body into his back. Without time to prepare for the collision even my head smacks his shoulders. I struggle to not bring us both down. Meanwhile looking around to see who saw this!

Then we had the odd moment of mutual I'm sorries, but I don't speak your language exchange of looks. I profusely apologized for knocking him down and he reciprocates in facial expressions. We laugh and keep going.

However, all good things must come to an end and now my 1-mile warm up was over. Albeit much more fun then chasing deer on the greenway back home! Here are some race pics:

I knew I was being photographed but I also just saw the clock. This is the result. lol

Are we there yet?

Happy Running Guys!
Have a great weekend. T-10 till Boston!


  1. I chased a possum ran faster than I thought it would. Then it stopped, turned, and hissed. I knew it wouldn't "attack" but I decided that I'd leave it giving it the stink eye and death stare. This continued for a good 30 seconds until we both got bored and went our separate ways....

    Found your blog though a mutual follower. I'm training (and blogging) about my journey to be an IM.

    1. That would freak me out! I'll remember that! IM is no joke. I hope to graduate to that one day. Happy training!

  2. Bicycles, I love to nail cyclists on the hills. That said I feel I'm not running well if anyone passes me. Love that feeling when I'm racing a car and for a couple of 100m I'm really flying, then the cars speed up and I fell to pieces!

    Great pictures, you were looking strong at the end.