Monday, February 11, 2013

Mental Strength and Focus

The more I run, the more I realize how much attitude and mental strength has to do with it all. Focus grasshopper. For me, at least I can't hop around at a 6:30 pace out all day and stare at the birds. I need to concentrate and focus. My body is able to run that but my mind can't falter. The moment I "fall asleep" on a hard run I am DONE. 
Bullshit, YES you can! 
I haven't had a workout recently where I thought I couldn't do it. I'm not cocky. I know my limits, but I go into every workout mentally prepared for what I have to do, and a lot of caffeine! I used to whine and complain before hard workouts. Now, I trust the workout I'm receiving is doable. My body is prepared. And it will get done. Simple.

For example during my last Half Marathon my goal was to keep my AVG pace at 6:34. That was my job for an hour and change. I was well trained. I knew it was doable. I enjoyed every friggen minute of that race because I didn't have any doubts that I couldn't do it. There was no, "what is I die" stress. No wall stress. I was trained and that was my job that day.  I was literally running to the end to celebrate. 

In past races I would allow for a few failed miles or wind miles, fatigue.....No more. That's crap. We all train endless hours per week. We practice how to eat, drink...There should not be any doubt. Maybe I'm new to the confidence game but what a difference a good attitude can have on a hard tempo or race. 

So my advice to all my friends toeing the line this season. (Amy and Ken!) Line up and do what you are training your ass off to do! Enjoy yourself and collect your goal!! 

Happy Training and Racing!


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