Monday, September 17, 2012

Housekeeping. Housekeeping, can we come in?

I'm going to get the jacket! I mean isn't that the point?  It looks like registration is still OPEN for those of you on the fence!

I feel a tangential blog coming because I don't really have anything exciting this week.

Upcoming races!
I have a half in a few weeks. It's certified and flat. Yes please. My pr from last year is 1:28:05. I feel I can beat that however if I don't there will be another half the following weekend. lol.

My track workouts are long, 8-10 miles some weeks. And tempos about the same so I've backed down my recovery runs to 7:30 pace. I am usually sore and just tired. I get up at 5am 7 days a week and run. I love it but it is tiring. My week is in the low 60's for mileage.

I need to do a separate blog post on this one. But I've gone from 3 ice cream cones a day and sweets after every meal to absolutely ZERO refined sugar for 3 weeks now. My diet is completely different. I eat lots of nuts, cheese, chicken, beans...I was worried I'd lose too much weight but I've remained the same. Here are the biggest changes I've seen:

1. I don't have food babies. You know, bloated after eating half a carvel cake? Distended belly from a row of reduced fat oreos?

2. My skin. My pores are non existent and I haven't had a zit at all. My skin looks good.

3. No sugar crashes. I'm not dying to eat. I carry Think Thin protein bars (0 sugar) with me at all times because eating out isn't really an option right now.

The bad part
*Sports nutrition is loaded with sugar. I'm an all or nothing type of person so giving away my Cliff Shots, Sport Beans etc SUCKED. But Honey Stingers work and I'm finding some other products.

*I can't swig from the OJ container. SUGAR!

*It's kinda embarrassing in public when people offer honkin pieces of sweets to me. I'm learning to shut up about the sugar free unless I feel like a chit chat.

*The expense of fruit. I get my sugar from fruit. Fruit is expensive going into the fall. Initially I was eating 2-3 packs of raspberries, blackberries or blueberries daily. Boom $13 right there. I've backed off and found things like dates that are good and have natural sugar.


*and the worst part: Giving up frosted mini wheats for plain!!!!

I'm secretly hoping I'll wake up with a 6 pack one day. I am still doing abs so somethings gotta give!

I hope your training is going well! Have a great week!!



  1. Hey Laura - I know what you mean about the fruit. Our farmer's market is starting to wind down so, I think I'm going to have to buy some of the "fresh frozen" blueberries to make it through the winter.

    Great job cutting out the sugar! Good luck with your half!


  2. I'm running a marathon this weekend and have stopped eating chocolate (just don't tell my wife) to lose a few pounds... I then have a bid race next month and I will cut back on beer!!! But sugar as a whole, that just isn't going to happen.

    ps your stomach looks amazing