Saturday, August 4, 2012

L + FR = Love

I have a love/hate relationship with the foam roller. I bought one a few years ago and used it once before tossing it in the garage and later giving it away. It hurt. I didn't see the benefit of the pain.

Fast forward a few years. More people have been talking about using it regularly and the benefits. And of course my hero Meb uses it. So, in an effort to not let the foam roller send me crying I bought yet another one. This time I loved it!! Hams, calves, back and gluts felt awesome. IT and quads not so comfy but not painful either.

When I'm done I feel like I've done a 2 mile warm up. My legs feel ready to go. I could be onto something!

Meb's doing it....

So when I'm not parked on my Bosu watching the olympics I may pop on this.

Also, I'm getting better with my stretching in general. I can get up on my toes on my backbend. For a runner I think this is as good as it gets. lol. 

My training is going well. This week:

Monday: 8 @ 7:10 pace
Tuesday: 10 miles. 1x800 (2:54) then 4x1 mile at 5:57-6:02 with 1 mile inbetw each at a low 7 pace.
Wednesday: 7 miles @ 7:17 pace
Thursday: 13 @ 7:26 pace 1400ft elevation.
Friday: 8 miles @ 7:22 pace
Saturday: 7 miles. 4x400 (78-80) 3x300 (57-58)
Sunday will be 6 easy. I moved my long run so I can watch the Women's Marathon, of course!

I'm still doing abs, bosu, medicine ball & free weights for my arms 6 days a week after my run.

So, knock on wood no injuries seem to be lurking and I feel pretty good. Happy Running peeps!
THAT was awesome!!

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