Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I can read faster than you too!

Haha, I thought that was funny. Well, I've read a couple really good running books this week and wanted to share.

The first one was Running With The Kenyans:

Loved it! Please say that in the tone of In Living Color's: Men on Films. I can't find a Loved it clip.

Sorry, any tribute to these guys I just have to throw out there. So back to the book. It's basically an older kinda has-been British guy who wants to go to Kenya in his 40's and check out what the Kenyan hype is all about. He is probably at my fitness level which puts him with the slowest of the slow Kenyan women. He wakes up every day at 5am and busts his ass to keep up. He stays in Iten Kenya for a few months and shares what he learns about barefoot running, Kenyan diet, altitude running and 2 a days. He finishes up the book with a PR marathon and great memories. Very cool book about not just running, but the culture of Iten.

Then, get ready to cry your eyes out in a tear jerker with Running for my Life:
I read this book in probably 2 sittings on the same day. Definitely an inspirational book about a Sudanese refugee turned US Olympian. Lopez Lomong was kidnapped from his mothers arms at age 6 by rebel soldiers during the Civil War. Later spent 10 years in a refugee camp where the highlight of his week was sifting through trash to find food. His days were spent running and playing soccer. He caught a glimpse of the Olympic games on a tv in Sudan and knew that was his destiny.

Fast forward to age 16 and he is chosen to go to America and was adopted by a loving family. He then is reunited with his biological parents, finishes High School and graduates from college while making the Olympic team for the 1500 in Beijing. Amazing story. Amazing man. He now has his own foundation to help others in his home country.

The book ended but he just ran the 5000 in London placing 10th. Rock it Lopepe!!!!

These are definitely worth a read.

Happy Running!


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