Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Go Run Ride!

Hey All!

I consider myself a shoe expert in regards to knowing what shoe works for me for what type of training runs. I can usually tell by holding a shoe if I'll like it. But most definitely I can make a good call after a few test steps.

I've been in Brooks Pure Flows for a long time now. I love them.  I've always wanted to try Sketchers Go Run. But because I've never seen them in a running store or anywhere for that matter I wrote it off. Enter....a gift card to Zappos.com. DING DING!!

24 hours later my VIP status at Zappos dropped these on my doorstep:

These are the GO RUN RIDE. And that's my bangin' calf. haha

Damn my feet are big. Size 9.

Slightly more cushion than the Flows. More bangin' calf too. 

So, the Go Run series has the original Go Run and these the Go Run Rides which tout more cushion and less of a minimalist shoe. Then there is the Go Run Speed, which are flats. I have been wearing these all day. Very much like the Pure Flow but possibly more cushion as you can see above.

I'll keep you posted after I get some miles in them. But so far they feel great. 

Training wise everything is great. Still no 5k. It's still too humid in NC and I see no point in it. I'll find something when it cools down. I'm hanging around 60 miles a week and it's about to bump up as I start Half training. 

Here's last week:

Monday: 8 miles 7 pace
Tuesday: Track
Wednesday:7 7 pace
Thursday: 9
Friday: Tempo 2x2 miles @ 6:15 pace
Saturday: 10 miles hills 7:30 pace
Sunday: 13 miles 6:52 pace

I'm Garminless this week and using my iphone as a GPS with the Map my Run app. My 610 started discharging when I put it on the charger. Constantly draining the battery. So for $99 I'm waiting for Garmin to send me a refurbished 610. YAY!!

Fall is almost here. I can't freakin' wait!! Happy Running Friends!!



  1. my garmin 910xt sucks! but i love my garmin 610! Out of all the garmins I believe its the best one in my humble ass opinion ;)

    1. I've never had the 910 but I love the 610. I think my arm swing is off without it!