Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Milk duds for Breakfast, duh...

Hi guys!!

I'm sorry for slacking lately. Not much is going on aside from sweltering morning miles in 200% humidity leaving me crying on the side of the road. But hey, I'm not injured! I'll take it!

Technically, I'm 5k training. But there is usually one workout a week that I bomb due to the conditions. I am a cold weather person. This heat dehydrates me in 30 minutes. I'll keep plugging along with my 50-60 miles a week and if the speed doesn't follow I'll just call it base mileage. I like long slope-y strides with bounce. This faster turnover gives me a headache.

Having mastered the sub 7 pace (6:50's) for the marathon I really can't fathom going faster. My tempo pace is 6:25-6:30 and that feels balls out. We'll see. I may just be a distance the cold...on the

I'm always trying to up my game so I thought I'd take a look at my diet and possibly tweak it with protein etc. So for 2 days I told Siri what I ate. Not counting calories for any other purpose than to just see what I eat. Verdict: I'm a pig! PS This is NOT a free for all to pick on my diet!!!

These are my beloved $6 a box pops. Get them!

So, after 2 days I was grossed out that I eat lots of junk and I see where I can make improvements. I'm eating more chicken. It's just such hard work. When I'm done running I want sugar and candy. At the risk of sounding bratty, as runners....WE CAN! Bite me! But will I ever bust a 6-pack?

Probably not off this diet.

So for now I'm going to try to add more protein and bust my ass around the track doing a little faster than marathon and we'll see what happens.

I hope y'all are having good summer running. Just do it for the fall times! I'll try to update with more frequency and wit. Cheers to happy injury free running!!!



  1. do 80's for your 400's and beat my 5k pr . I know you can do it ! Especially if you keep up with the milk duds. Try some hostess cupcakes for breakfast every now and then. Works for me !

  2. Adios... nice... my new favorite shoe!

  3. Don't worry I also slack... when it comes to writing, not so much when it comes to running.

    Now hit the track and let us reed about some super fast 5km!!!