Friday, June 15, 2012

Ahhhh, the running gods thought of me today!

Today I had a shit-ass tempo workout.

It was supposed to be: 1 mile warm up. 35 mins at 6:35 pace. 1 mile cool down for 7 total.

I did: 1 mile warm up 7:25 pace. then 3 tempo @ 6:28, 6:39, 6:31. Then I had a hissy fit and did a 7:02 pouty mile. I had intended on just jogging to the car at that point.  But then I said, I feel better...and did 6:40 and 6:44. Not committing to speed or a recovery pace.7 miles total.

I can run 6:50 all day and night but dropping 15 seconds freaks me out. I almost have to be mad to run at that pace.

 I am VERY lucky to have a running partner that puts up with this herky- jerky-emotional -wtf are we doing now-pacing...and can tell me stories the entire time and even say, "I know you can't respond" ...LOL Thanks D!

But enter the Running Gods:
Laura, I will send help via the US Postal Service

Fast today's mail. Help has arrived!! 

2 issues of Running Times and my USATF membership stuff

And, Eugene Award!

So my sanity was saved until....track tuesday!

Party on peeps!


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