Sunday, November 13, 2011

another 50 mile week

I am struggling for witty and cool stories this week. Pretty much another 50 mile week. I've felt great on almost all runs unless it's weather related. I'm just running whatever. I'm not into race mode yet. Most runs come in around 7:0x for the avg. My slowest mile this week was 7:24 and fastest maybe 6:29.

I am slacking again on ab ripper. I have had stuff all week right after my run when I normally do abs. Here are my last ones:


say hello to my little friend: a budding calf! ok, I prob'ly busted a blood vessel forcing that flex but still!
Remember I lost all my calf strength while in the boot. I don't think they are symmetrical yet but very close.

So hi-ho. Another week of running for fun. My old coach used to say, "LaBella, you're not running for fun, you're training" Well, not right now! I am not complaining. I kinda miss that fire to want to race but I don't miss the stress that goes with it. 

Ciao my loves. Maybe I'll have something more exciting this week. Maybe one of those greenway deer will finally kick my ass. lol. PS Dan saw the BUCK. I'm not losing it!!

Laura : )

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  1. I only ever run for fun.... But I find running 15 x 400 fun, I love hills, and knocking off 1km repeats and hitting the mark every time.