Sunday, April 19, 2015

Marathon Eve!

Hey Guys!

A quick check in on the night before Boston 2015. I am ready for a fight tomorrow! I want to see blood! I am tapered, healthy and ready to roll. I want to work, suffer and feel victory. I want to give every fiber of my being to this race. I want to see how tough I am. I want to feel proud.

I am probably more excited than I have ever been pre race. I know we are going to have deplorable conditions. Rain turning to pouring rain, 40 degrees, feeling like 35, and a 20-30mph head wind the entire race.

But I don't give a shit! I've trained in this. My goal is to give my best regardless of conditions. The cold is fine. The humidity will be okay. The wind...I'll follow a big dude. I still have fight, strength and great hair!

It's on!!!

Here are some random pics from the weekend!

Thank you again for your support!! You guys are going down to Boston with me. Hang the F- on!

Honey, I'm home!

Race hair!

They better move tomorrow!

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  1. You are looking amazing and with all the work you have put in I'm holding thumbs that it all comes together for a perfect run...