Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Quick Check In!

Hey guys!!

Finally an 83 mile week! Taper is here! I either going to be really FAST in a week or freaking fat, haha.

It's so weird going from 5 doubles a week to nearly none this week. I look forward to singles in the morning but then when evening comes around I think my body revolts. Not only do I miss my evening shake out run, but that also means HOUSEWORK.  Um, ya. At 5pm in my house it's either homework, dishes or dinner. HATED IT!

But forget the crusty cookie sheets, dog crap in the living room and piles of laundry. Let's celebrate that I haven't busted my ass in the most epic build up of my marathoning career! 100-126 miles a week since January 1st. (14 weeks) For the last month I've felt run down. Now I feel like this. Awe YEAHHHHH!

Today,  I ran my last double digit run. 14 miles. I was podding along running easy pace. Then I saw my most favorite nameless greenway runner. I see him enough in passing to recognize him but I'm not sure who he is. I know he reads my blog. So I shouted out: 1 MORE WEEK! Then, he goes TOP 100 with a high 5 so hard that I almost ricocheted into the woods!!! Like, a kid in a candy store. I got all excited! I'm like ya, you're right! Sometimes I lose sight of the big picture and whine about blisters and small stuff. But he's right!
As you can tell I saw the Greenway Runner right when I went from easy to moderate pace. Mile 10ish. The power of the high 5!

I'm training to run the fastest marathon of my life. My 3rd consecutive Sub 3 Boston Marathon. I want to break into the top 100 females and top 10 age group. I'm a few peeps away from that goal.

I'm just putting it out there. I'm not afraid of failure. Hell, I push my limits every single day. We all know I could injure, burn out, or something on the highly probable list. But I haven't! I've been smart. I have excellent coaching that has been superbly designed for me and my strengths. (That's next blog) Nothing has been left to chance. The game is ON!

Now, I'm picking out shoes, outfits and nail color. Wooohoooo! Here are some potentials!

So, I'll check back in soon! I love you guys and all your support! Have a great night!



  1. exciting times will be keeping an eye on the race to see how you do.
    Sub 3 is there for the taking and you (and your coach) know just how much sub 3 you can aim at without leaving it on the road...

    So what ever you decide to wear you will look amazing but more importantly you need to be comfortable...

  2. Can't wait to follow you on race day! Your going to do amazing!

  3. So excited for you, Laura! You've crushed it this season and it'll pay off on race day. Weather's looking great too! Top 100 here you come. For race day outfit, I like the blue top, but the sports bra/shorts combo may keep you cooler. Don't stress about it too much though - you'll be so fast most folks won't have time to get a good look at you! Ha! :) Good luck!