Saturday, December 13, 2014

Week in review

Hey Guys!!

Happy Sunday Eve! Let the Badassery build tonight and roll out in the morning! My long run has been on Saturday for a while now but there is still the magic of Sunday that lights a fire up under my feet.

So I'm gunning for pre Boston marathon. YOLO, I can do 2, screw it. I can't deal with this once a year marathon thing.  I'm working on some mileage now. Turn over. Finding love with my marathon pace. The usual. That's what makes me happy!

Here is this week:

Monday: Gym, core, glutes, arms. No running.

Tuesday: 11 miles. Very windy. Hill repeats on mile 11. 7:25 pace avg

Wednesday: 21 miles total. 15 with 10 miles at 6:40 pace. A short 6 mile double also in the am. 2 at 6:40 pace. 20mph winds plus gusts. I got the MP I wanted. But I would have liked 6:30's. I won't mention the sheets of ice that had me body slamming into bridges. It was a stressful morning!

Thursday: 12 miles in Umstead. 800 feet. 7:37 pace. A grind given yesterday!

Friday: 5 easy 7:45 pace

Saturday: 21 at 7:30 pace. Last mile sub 7.

Sunday: Tomorrow will be about 13-14 with lots of hill repeats.

85 miles in 6 days

Here's some random photos from this week:
Proud of my soft surface 18 miler last week

A great Umstead Run!

I'm standing on there for a reason. But I can't remember. Good run?

That's about it. I hope your running is going well! Nothing major over here, YET!! Party on guys!!



  1. That's a solid week! Are you looking for a fall marathon or something this spring before Boston?

  2. I thought I saw that you were registered for the Houston marathon. Any upcoming posts about training for this? It's right around the corner!