Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Almost Fast and Furious?

Hey There My Lovely Badasses!

By clicking on this blog I know a few things about you for sure. Perhaps:

1. You are equally or more badass than me. Ding ding ding!

2. You've been following this blog for the last 4 years and are waiting for me to finally drop a sub 2:55 and shut up about it.

3. You enjoy my enthusiasm over the various core exercises I've done throughout the years.

4. You really don't like me. You read about me and then talk about me on the ATT. I have peeps everywhere girls! wink wink.

5. You want the Lady Gaga pictures back on the side bar.

Haha. So I feel that I'm getting away from listing the meat and potatoes of my training. I read your training like it's first chapter of Fight Club. I can't blink. I love to see the dirty details of your running. So I'm going to list mine again. Which segues into an approaching dilemma. Let me explain.

Here's the last 2 weeks of my training:

Monday 11/17: Off
Tuesday 11/18: 10 miles: 7:03 pace. Wind
Wednesday 11/19: 13 miles. 7:02 pace. 19 degrees and wind.
Thursday 11/20: 12.5 miles easy 7:23 pace
Friday 11/21: 5 miles super easy 7:42 pace
Saturday11/22: 16 miles. 7:32 pace. Weather bonk. sub 20 degrees. shorts. a bad run.
Sunday11/23: 13 miles with hill repeats in the middle. 7:13 avg.
TOTAL: 70 miles

Monday 11/24: Off
Tuesday 11/25: am run: 10miles at 6:45 pace. 4 hours later: 6 miles @ 6:53 pace
Wednesday 11/26: 10 miles at 7:47 pace. Pouring freezing rain.
Thursday 11/27: 5 miles at 7:49 pace
Friday 11/28: 18 miles at 7:03 pace. a 2 minute negative split on the way back to sub marathon pace.
Saturday 11/29: 10 miles with hill repeats in the middle. 7:35 pace
Sunday 11/30: 12 miles at 7:19 pace on hills
TOTAL 71 miles

It's good stuff. Personally, I know my running ignites once I hit 80-85 a week. I think I solid 8-10 weeks is all I need for a 2:55. I think I'll burn out slowly after that. So, my dilemma is do I:

A. Chill out and build for Boston 2015


B. Hop on the sub 2:55 train and hammer my pending PR in February?

I'm ready to work! I was ripped off by a late summer injury so I'm growing impatient. I kind of want to "wait and see" how the next few weeks go. However, I know when I start ripping off sub 7 pace for 20-22 milers that the peak in NEAR! It's such a freaking awesome problem. I'm really fortunate.

So, that's kinda where I am. I don't really know how to chill so I'm kinda learning towards a pre Boston marathon. I'll still do Boston. But, not as a goal race.

I hope you guys are doing well and enjoying the cooler temps!

I have to give props to BOOM RUNNING for the shirt. They have killer old school tops and tanks. This pic was post a 40 mile weekend. BOOM!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Am I alond to say I love you... wish you were one of my students here in cape town. I've got one girl who can run a 2h55, but... why is it always BUT.

    If the buts stopped she would get there, That's what I love about you: NO BUTS just hard ass work!!!

    You go girl, wish I was there to pace you!

    1. Thanks Coach Dion! I want Comrades on a down year! We will have to hammer that one out!

  2. I read because you continue amaze me and keep my motivated!

    1. Awe Thanks Todd! We're really fortunate to have motivation. I was sitting in the car today at my run. It was raining. I didn't really want to get out. Then I thought, holy crap, did I just think that? Yowsa!