Saturday, April 26, 2014

Afterthoughts on Boston 2014

Hey guys!

It's never so easy as a high 5 at the finish line for me. I have analyzed and ridiculed my every footstep of that race to try and find my take away lessons. So far, I'm 50/50 on how I feel about my performance. I'm very upset that I didn't get my sub 2:55. Ok, fine, me and 30,000 others it seems. But then again I'm grateful I didn't tank so hard like so many other amazing athletes did. It could have been worse.

I guess this is the problem when you only run 1 marathon a year. It got too hot. I died. End of story. I don't think there was anything I could have done to help me in the later stages of the race. So for that I feel I did my best.

So what is next? I'm not sure yet but my leisurely summer of swimming and biking may be over taken by another stab at marathon training. Maybe. I'm testing the waters and seeing how I feel this week. My first run back was a 10 miler at 7:10 pace and then a 9 miler a little faster. So it appears I may be back at my usual very soon. I took 3 days off. Well, I swam and walked.

I don't want my fitness to go to shit. I want satisfaction at 26.2 this year. I don't want a slow death that still looks spiffy to some. Screw that! I didn't train for spiffy. No way! So I'll keep the wheels turning, both physically and mentally until I figure out my plan for the summer.

Here are some race pics:

My mom and my sister right after I finished.

That smile took everything I had. 
Y'all know the Citgo sign. Mile 25.
In the cab a few hours post race heading to BOS
I found this in a BAA feed. That's my bun!
Day 2. The dog and stairs. Ouch.

I hope you guys are recovering well. Thank you for all the awesome feed back!! Have a great weekend!



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  2. Great Job, Laura! It was a hot day for April!! You'll do sub 2:55 in the fall at a nice flat, fast cool course!!