Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A little taper humor on a Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

This is just a quick rant about the emotions involved during a marathon taper. The emotions I cited I would not speak of in my last post because it's been done before. lol. Anyway, I feel like an abnormality. I can't be the only one, right?! Let me explain.

Sunday I ran 13 miles. I had to run in my neighborhood at 5am to get it done early. It was full of cul de sac turns every 400m. I also was messing around with my iPhone trying to stream the London Marathon, while running. I responded to a few FB posts asking if I was going to spectate the local Rock and Roll marathon. I also had a large flashlight because my headlamp broke.

So clearly, it was a slower run. Just like I had wanted. But, as the miles clicked off I became irritated  that I wasn't running faster. Despite the above I kinda wanted my shit-around pace to be my mile race pace.  I chalked it up as a whatever run. Slightly bummed.

Monday came. I did around 7 pace for 9 miles pretty easy. I felt better. I'm not a loser.

Tuesday rolled around and I did 10 with 2 at marathon pace. It was 70 degrees and humid. I didn't give a shit! Somehow today was my ego's day to shine! I was grumbling and whining how slow 6:30's were. I was almost in tears that I could never ever run that slow for 26.2 miles.  Clearly I need to lose the 2:55 dream and kill it by 10 more minutes. And while I'm at it, I'll just run a qualifier! I decided I would alter my race plan to include negative splits on the Newton Hills. I would drop everyone and fly from mile 22 on! It was going to be spectacular!

Wednesday (today) I headed out for 7 miles. The front moved in last night and it was now 35 degrees and the 14 bridges I had to cross were iced. I shuffled across them. There was a 5000mph headwind. Clearly, a great day for an easy run. Objectively, this is an amazing taper. But deep down I want to fight the urge to run 6 flat everyday! Then with every step I analyze my form, attitude, arm swing, foot strike, decision making skills on puddles. Thankfully this run ended in 51 minutes. Complete mental overload.

So, after shaking my head I have vowed to chill out for the next 4 easy runs. No more over analyzing. No more speed walking the grocery store and finding the tangents in the produce section. No more keeping my "bitchy resting face" in full effect to practice my ability to focus. It's done!!

My work is done. I just need to sit my little self down and wait. I'm sure that will go well given I can now live off 2 hours of sleep because I have so much ENERGY!!! No, I think I'm tired.


4 more days. I can do this. We can do this!!!! Thanks for reading!

We all know marathon success all boils down to the pre-race mani/pedi!


  1. Your going to do amazing! Please post your bib # so we can follow you along the way!

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  3. Good luck tomorrow!!! Kick ass!!!

  4. I know you'll feel different but you did a GREAT JOB!!