Saturday, December 28, 2013

It puts the spoon in the almond butter, NOT in Aunt Kathy's grease-o-role.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year My Fast Friends!

I feel this post is a borderline PSA. Dearest ones, I keep seeing and hearing it. People complaining about eating poorly and gaining weight during the holidays. Okay, here's my response to that: WTF???! Seriously, I just don't get it. I'm trying to, really. And I'm probably preaching to the choir but I have to vent and share some healthy alternatives.

I know most of my followers and friends bust their asses to keep in shape. Not only for races and fitness, but for life in general. For happiness. For Peace. So you don't kill your kids and kick your dog. I'm so proud of you!! I get giddy when I hear of your accomplishments.

But then, I see (some of) you bellying up to the buffet pouring butter on butter with sides of slop. I want to rush over and intervene. Yes, it's holiday time. Joy, joy. But hello!! This is your body. Your body for life. The little vessel that will carry your happy little self through your 80+ years on earth. TAKE CARE OF IT! I don't even need to point out what this indulging does to your fitness. I'm sure the culprits know it well.

So, I want to help! Here are some of my personal favorites that will make your belly happy and keep your body on the roads!! Mangia Mangia!! And PS Formatting on this website is nearly impossible so some stuff may have flip flopped.

Gluten free, NSA, Organic Heaven

And for dinner:

And more easy good stuff:
45 seconds in the microwave, do it!

Steam that shit!

Dust off that juicer!

when you want FAT get some Almond butter yo.

Sugar free whole wheat banana nut bread

Try this stuff out. That chocolate has been a huge hit. No guilt. And because dark cacao is loaded with caffeine you can eat that shit before your tempo and stride happy and FAST!

Have a great long run tomorrow!! Happy Running!


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