Sunday, June 30, 2013

Week 1 of Chicago training: bitch slapped!

Or whimsically pushed aside with a limp wrist. haha

Hey guys!!

This is my first time training for a fall marathon. Initially, a "fall marathon" sounded so cute and brisk and a great idea. Well, shit. I needed to back those thoughts up 16 weeks. There is nothing brisk about summers in NC.

It's no longer me vs pace. It's me vs pace + humidity/heat. Double the work. Oddly, it's very rewarding. It's one thing to run tempo in 42 degrees and it's another to do it in the summer. So, in a way it's another level to defeat. I'm all for that! Or at least it sounds good as I type this on the couch in my 73 degree living room. haha

So my weekly is still at 75 miles. Plus 5 gym workouts and also, I've added a few days of freestyle swim.

Monday: 8 recovery on treadmill due to having to run at like 4:30am

Tuesday: 10 @ 7:24 pace

Wednesday: 12 miles. middle 8 tempo-ish. started at 6:50 pace and descended to 6:38 pace. It was my first tempo since Boston. I was shooting for 7 flat and shocked I could move faster. But then pissed it wasn't 6:10 pace. lol

Thursday: 10 @ 7:30 pace

Friday: 10 @ 7:30 pace

Saturday: 7 @ 7:33 pace

Sunday 18 @ 7:04 pace. Goal was: 2 warm up, 6 miles at 7:06 pace, 1 mile at tempo, 5 more at 7:06 and 1 @ tempo then 2 cool down. Some to the 7's were 6's and some of the tempo's sucked but it was sickening out.

I am obsessed with my sweat. sorry. lol

So, party is's time to ROLL!! Chicago is in 15 weeks.

oh ps. I've started using these and Nuun. I feel a huge difference from water alone.
I hope your training is going well. Stay strong!!


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  1. When I sweat I don't look anything like you do. You look like the models in the fitness magazines. I look like the guy in the news reports saying "be on the lookout for this man."