Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The humidity expert

Hey all!!

I'm having severe guilt from not updating my blog a lot lately. I know most of my east coast followers know the current drill. It's pretty much survival of the fittest to even move in this weather. Here is NC we have humidity no less than 98% every morning. The temperature is okay in the mornings. Low 70's to low 80's. It's all about the dew point but that's almost as high as the forget it!

But WTH??! Seriously, my running zaps me. I get all geriatric around 3pm and need a nap. Then I wake up cranky because I'm starving and thirsty. Ugh, this is called DEDICATION TO THE FALL MARATHON!

Hang tight with me! I refuse to cave to mother nature! I've been doing 75 miles a week for a little over a month now. Also, I immediately go to the gym for stretching and strength training 5 days a week. This mileage is pretty much the same everyday. 8-14 miles during the week and Sunday is 15. Paces average out to 7:00-7:20. I'm not going to Chicago train until I have to. Probably in 10 days or so.

So, in dealing with this stifling weather I have some handy tips:

1. Do not wear a hat. I know, you have $200 color and want to protect your locks from the sun. Get sunscreen hairspray. I use redkin. The hat retains your heat. A visor is okay but I prefer spray.

2. Carry a water bottle on every run. Ration it out so you have some left for the end of your run. Duh....but also squirt behind your neck and on your head. It helps so much.

3. Wear really thin socks. We don't always think of socks but it makes a huge difference for me.

4. I pack a post run nutrition bag for every run. It has an ice pack with a protein bar, more water, and glutamine chews. Every run. I am taking extra precautions to keep my body healthy and happy as I abuse the $hit out of it daily.


I know I start new gimmicky types of things often.

Squats: I did this squat challenge last month. AWESOME results. My thighs and gluts are much stronger. It hurt for the first week but after that it was like building a power house to run with. I did them while brushing my teeth or during some other mundane domestic activity. I'm doing them about every other day now.

Abs: I still crunch myself to death. I've added many leg lifts and roman chairs to my routine to hopefully get that inch below my belly button. I won't let go of my carbs so we may never see this washboard that I'm sure is under there!

Balance ball: Still love abs on it. I do some arm weights too.

Diet: No refined sugar. Tons of protein, no junk food, lots of carbs.

I think that's about it.

Keep running guys!! It's gotta get better, it can't get any worse! I'll check in with more Chicago training details when I get them. If anyone else is doing 2:55 in Chi-town holler! I like to know what you guys are doing too!!



  1. Tell me about it. Ironman Raleigh was freakin 101* out on the run course. It was disturbing. Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the year so far and I'm trying to find creative ways to stay inside. well, like, not going outside.

  2. I went out this morning expecting scorching heat and sticky humidity, so I took the bike instead of running. Much to my surprise the wind was trying to blow me off the road the entire time. But with a constant (hurricane) breeze I never felt overly hot. I should've run today. Probably tomorrow it'll be scorching and stickier than a used band-aid.

  3. I know what you mean about hats, I have about 20 all to hot. It was humid in CT today, soaked after 16 but I'm sure not half as bad as NC. I'd be a puddle on the pavement. New core work hitting and kicking a standup heavy bad. Uppercuts and hooks for a minute every morning and roundhouse kicks, 10 each side for 1 minute x 2 twice a week. My breathing feels great, no tighness!