Saturday, July 7, 2012

mid summer update!

Hey all!!

Sorry MIA. I vacationed in florida during a tropical storm for a week and ran in this daily while crying and forcing a 7:30 pace.

I thought my days of relative speed were gone. I thought my fitness had turned to shit.

But just like those who come down from altitude there was little gift in the end. Probably the 2 best workouts I've done recently. I think running in fetter bands of rain and 40+ mph winds built my strength so that when I came home into the stagnant heat of NC I ran with much more ease.

TRACK was 8x400 in 83, 82, 82, 81, 80, 80, 80, 79 with 400 jog recoveries. No stopping. This is an improvement. I never did track during my Eugene training. I hate it.

Then I had a pretty good tempo/fartleck for 8ish miles 3 days later. The workout was 15 mins fast, 3 recovery, 10 mins fast, 2 mins recovery and 5 fast. 1 mile warm up and 2 cool down. Fast was 6:20ish. Recoveries were 7 pace and the cool down went sub 7 again. All in 80+ degrees and thick humidity.

So I'll march on during this heat wave. Benny, it's 100-105 every day now. At 6am the best it gets is low 80's!! Disgusting!


I have no comment. I'm doing abs 5 days, but still half ass,...

Before I ate, clearly...

ehhh, it is what it is.

Well, happy running friends. I think if I can keep this up for a few more weeks I *may* do a 5k. Of course it will be my personal olympics know...gotta bring it. I hate 5ks but I like working hard and doing well.




  1. Good to see you are still at the track thing and don't we know about the rain and wind, I've spend many hours on Table Mountain though Cape Towns winters and spend the hours fighting the element...

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  3. lol you guys are getting our temperatures up there! yup thats our weather from april to nov... you all will have a cold front coming in soon don't worry, you'll survive this heatwave! Our weather at 5:30 am is always around 84-85 and at 10 pm around 99-101 ...... so it's best to stick the run in the morning! Keep your head up what doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger! ;)