Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Torment

So in a nutshell this is how my week went post marathon:

The first few days I was so happy and proud. Like this:

The next few days I felt like I didn't do my best. I should have broke 3:00.  The lovey dovey happiness turned into wtf did I do....or not do??

Which has now turned into an obsession to find another marathon NOW.  Possibly a downhill to secure a sub 3:

I feel great. I took 2 days off to heal some blisters and did a few 6 milers last week. Now I feel fresh and as good as I did right before my marathon. I'm not sure if I'll race so soon, but it is VERY tempting!!!



  1. Hey Laura,

    You are obviously a talented runner. I can understand your desire to go right out and do another marathon, especially since you just missed getting under 3 hours. I'm not familiar with the course you did, but I have a hunch that you could kick your half marathon PR to pieces with your fitness now. Perhaps trying to do that first and then if you feel good, planning to do another marathon after some additional rest, like a month or so might work. Just a few ideas to consider.


    1. good thinking Ken. I am starting to lean that way too. Probably easier on my legs right now. Thanks for reading ; )