Saturday, March 17, 2012

How to honk at a runner...

I may be preaching to the choir but I'm going to put out some road ediquette. I've done the last 17 miles on the side of the road and feel our public should be privy to some things.


As runners, we all appreciate a friendly little toot-toot when we're slogging away the miles on the sidewalk. However here are some do's and don'ts:

*honk 50 to 75 meters ahead of or behind the runner
*do a quick honk-honk
*always wave

*Lay on the horn directly beside the runner. This scares the shit out of us.
*Don't do a loooong honk. It's quite loud when you're outside of the car.
*Don't do a creepy short honk and stare. Wave or fist pump already!

Okay, I feel better after that short PSA.

State of the Union Address 6 weeks out:

So I am SIX weeks away from my first marathon. Big Ben/Parliament. lol. I feel like it's a good book and I don't want to know how how it ends. I LOVE training and I am getting a little bit sad that it will end soon. I already have taper nightmares. I may have lost my racing edge but I really don't care what I run in the race. I really just want to enjoy it. Maybe something will kick in but for now I'm chill.

My weekly run down:

Monday: 8 miles 7:11 pace. (57:34)
Tuesday: 8 miles 7:11 pace (57:35) haha total coincidence
Wednesday: 3 mile warm up @ 7:37 pace. then 8x5mins of tempo w/ 30 second recoveries. 11 miles total. The 30 sec. recoveries messed with me. I forgot what was recovery and what was go a few times. lol Pace with recoveries for 6.66 miles came to 6:38 avg. It felt easy.
Thursday: sucked. 8 @ 7:21 pace
Friday: All better. 9 at 7 :01 pace. Last 3 miles 6:43, 6:41, 6:22. Felt awesome.
Saturday: 6am start for an 8 miler on hills.7:47 pace. 719 feet of elevation. This is my long run eve run. EASY.
Sunday will be 16 with some faster stuff.
Total 68 miles

And yes, I have recovered from my Trail Half nightmare. Thanks for checking in. My night sweats involving tripping on moss are just about over. YAY for that!!

Happy running friends and Happy St. Patrick's Day!
LaBella! xoxo
I was a new bikini..abs?