Thursday, March 1, 2012

Did I say that out loud?

Some things will only be understood by runners. It's not a glamorous sport at times.

Mid tempo run situation:

Running partner Dan: gives a weird look.

Me: Ya, I had to lick the gel off my finger so when I go to wipe my snot later I don't get brown on my nose.

Dan: shrugs in agreement

Me: (thinking to myself) omg did I just do that and admit it??!

OH WELL! I provide entertainment I suppose. lol. But clearly, this is an issue we all face. Especially those like me who take 3 miles to down a gel.

I had another Cherry Chocolate Clif gel on my tempo today so I feel some random thoughts coming.

I have to give a shout out to my 7 year old daughter who stayed out late on a school night to run a Leap Year 2.9 mile race. Probably the only kid out there. I made sure she stayed away from the keg at awards time. Good job baby!

Ok, just one random...Have a good day friends!



  1. During the Boston Marathon, I got GU on my fingers and licked it off... then I remembered all of the little kids I had high-fived... and thought about all of the people they had probably high-fived before me... then I tried real hard to forget that! And congrats to Isabella!

  2. Did you run with your daughter? Is she going to be a runner like you?

    1. yup! She is kick ass. She has been doing the "kid race" at my 5k's since she could walk. Last year she broke the state record for the 1 mile. She loves it!