Saturday, March 2, 2013

What I've learned from 95 mile weeks

Happy Saturday My Dears!

I'm still alive! But heck, I tell you 90+ mile weeks are no joke! That's some serious commitment. Everyone has their 2 cents on high mileage. Some think it's absolute junk and others, like me see how it takes your endurance off the charts. For this marathon I wanted to see how this worked for me. So far, so good! I'm on some permanent high I can't explain.

Here are some things I've clued into lately:

Mind over matter. Seriously, I have to wake up either dying for speed or force myself into a fog for my slower miles.

The old 8 miler is the new 12 miler. If you want 90 plus with minimal doubles this is a must. Learn to love it.

Keep easy days easy. My easy is 7:45 pace. I click off that pace day after day with as much pride as a 6:10 on tempo. One facilitates the other. Did I say that? haha

EAT! I'm burning about 10,000 calories a week in running and x training. I'm hovering at 100 pounds. One missed meal and I'm 98 and feeling like shit. My diet is almost more important than the miles. I know what works. I have become a Foodie.

The power of the 30 minute nap. I am constantly telling Siri to wake me up in 30. Studies show that's the best length for a power nap. And so says my tired ass. It helps, along with the 8pm bedtime.

My Words with Friends skills are off the chart:

However, every twinge becomes a flash back to every stress fracture I've ever had. I try not to put negative out there but having broken my tibs and fibs three times in previous years definitely bring a little stress.

While running I feel like this:

Other hours I feel like:

A simple curb cut at the Harris Teeter could cause this

All day 'err day

hmmm, good idea!

So Boston is right around the corner. It will be a fun 26 miler but I enjoy the training far more than any race. 

Keep plugging away guys! If anyone has any sub 3 blogs or any marathon training blogs leave it in my comments. I'd love to see how you train.



  1. You don't want to see how I train as it will invalidate every 60+ training week ever.

    1. I used to run 30 mile weeks for years. I loved it. My long run was 10 miles. Then, I loved the 60 mile weeks for a while. Now, it has evolved into this. I really am not doing it for a race per se. I really just enjoy running. There will be a day when I can't so for now I'm lacing up! PS I'm reading your book, I know!!

  2. Right now I am at the point where a 2 hour half would be fantastic, but I wanted to say you are an amazing inspiration!

    1. Aweee!! Thank you Lisa!!! Enjoy it! That's what it's all about and coincidentally it does get easier. I've paced a gazillion 1:50 half's and it's definitely work. Keep it up and thanks again!

  3. I find it hard to get over 60 mile a week... it's a time thing. when I was younger I didn't have any problem getting up 4 times a week for morning runs. Now I am happy with a short friday monrnig jog and the evening runs...

    In the middle of last year I took a week off to look after my wife who had just had an op... and that week was up in the 90+!!!

    But it's enough to keep me under 3hours for the odd marathon.

  4. Sub 3 blogs:, (she had a massive PR at Eugene). was trying for a sub 3 Boston (he BQ'd at Eugene, like you), but is out with a stress fracture. Also check out, which has several speedy marathoners as contributing authors. I believe Pepper's PR is just over the Olympic B standard.